Infostretch Targets Digital Outcomes with its Quality Engineering, DevOps and IoT Services
The 451 Take
This Impact Report by 451 Research analyst Dr. Katy Ring looks at Infostretch’s Quality Engineering, DevOps and IoT services, tools, maturity models, competition and includes a SWOT analysis.
“Infostretch specializes in delivering high-quality digital solutions at speed using the IP deployed in its QMetry software and other frameworks, including maturity models. It has a strong pedigree in the DevOps space and a core competency around mobile apps, which bodes well for its business as interest in IoT increases.”
Infostretch has managed to keep slightly ahead of the advanced technology requirements of enterprises, and the positioning of its QMetry toolset to support deployment of test and process automation is very timely. It has a strong pedigree in the DevOps space and a core sompetancy around mobile apps, which bodes well for its busines as market interest in cloud and IoT increases.
The main challenge for a company such as Infostretch is to manage growth effectively as demand increases, without compromising its high-performing talent pool.
Enterprise IT teams are scrambling to ensure they have the development skills in place that can deliver high-quality, secure software to tight deadlines, and many need help and guidance in improving their development and IT processes in this context. Infostretch is positioned well to address this requirement.
Although it is still a relatively immature market, the adoption of DevOps and IoT is developing at pace in the enterprise, and as it does so, the importance of specifically calling out and addressing cybersecurity and regulatory and compliance issues will increase. This is an area where the large global players excel; smaller specialists need to be mindful of this as they develop their market profiles.
Infostretch has been recognized and mentioned by many of the leading industry analysts in development, testing and DevOps.