In the age of digital, enterprise software needs to be delivered faster with agility. To drive this, software development and quality initiatives need to be automated - a lot more.

At QMetry, we solve this problem by bringing a unique set of automation tools under QMetry’s Open Quality Platform. 

In this webinar, we’re going to talk about how you can leverage some of the basic tenets of automation to support your software development effort.

In this webinar, you will learn:
1. Why you need automation to support the Quality Engineering mindset.
2. How can you leverage the power of QMetry’s automation studio and open source frameworks?
3. How can you integrate behavior driven development(BDD), TDD and other methodologies into test automation initiatives?
4. How can you leverage detailed automation analytics to support these efforts?
5. How has QMetry made this happen for some of their customers?                                                                                

Siva Anna, Test Automation Architect, QMetry

At QMetry, Siva has more than 20 years of experience developing and managing QA Automation product design & architecture based on is extensive work in developing QA strategies for Fortune 500 companies. In his tenure with QMetry, Siva has been instrumental in leading strategic initiatives to create a comprehensive QA product eco-system that covers both manual and automation testing requirements of enterprises, which have resulted in significant value for clients.  Before joining QMetry, Siva excelled as a technical project manager for both eBay and Cognizant, and also served as a QA/automation strategy consultant for Wells Fargo.
Vishal Jhala, Principal Architect, QMetry
Vishal has 15+ years of experience in Software Product Development in business domains like Quality Engineering, Security & Access Control System, Supply Chain Management. He is passionate about technology and has experience in working on wide
range of technologies and deployed over various platforms including Desktop Applications, MobileApplications, Web - based portals, SaaS products with auto scalability.  He holds Masters of Computer Science Degree from Sardar Patel University. In his spare time, he loves going for walks/run and seeing new places.



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