Auto-Convert Freestyle Jenkins Jobs to Coded DevOps Pipelines Webinar
Thursday 7th December  - 11am PT / 2pm ET
introducing the new infostretch plugin

If you’re migrating from Jenkins 1.0 to 2.0, you are likely converting your freestyle jobs to coded pipelines manually.

When migrating to Jenkins 2.0, converting freestyle jobs requires your DevOps engineers to drill down on each one of those hundreds or thousands of jobs to understand tools, configurations, URLs, parameters and more before re-writing them in pipeline syntax. This process is very manual, error-prone, lengthy and not cost-effective.

Infostretch has created a plugin for DevOps teams that streamlines the process, and accelerates the pipeline on-boarding for any new set of applications. The plugin dramatically reduces your team’s time and efforts by:

  • Auto-generating scripts to convert freestyle Jenkins jobs to coded pipeline
  • Assuring adherence to proper coding standards
  • Separating complex business logic and standards declaration from execution flow

Join our informative webinar, on Thursday, December 7th at 11am PT to catch a live demo of the plugin in action and learn more about customization, training and testing services offered by Infostretch.

Your presenter for this webinar is:

Sanil Pillai
Director of Infostretch Labs
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