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Learn Successful Adoption of Model Based Testing (MBT) in Agile QA
Thursday 28th June  - 10am PT / 1pm ET

Model-based testing (MBT) is a software testing technique that has gained popularity in recent years and is becoming a mainstream test generation approach. (In MBT approach, the test cases are derived from a model that describes the functional aspects of the system under test).

MBT is a systematic method to generate test cases and allows you to increase requirements coverage and reduce the risk coverage.

In this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • Overview MBT approach and components of MBT
  • Why MBT and why not?
  • MBT implementation approach for Agile Projects
  • Support for MBT in commercial testing tools & open source tools
  • Success stories (case studies) on MBT approach

Your speakers for this webinar:

Anna Royzman
Test Masters Academy

Anna Royzman is the founder of Global Quality Leadership Institute, the non-profit organization, whose goal is to become the leading advocate for quality in technology through innovative educational programs. Test Masters Academy, an initiative that is envisioned and managed by Anna directly, organizes annual Test Leadership Congress (in the Spring) and ConTEST (in the Fall).

Anna is a renowned international speaker and the recognized expert in Software Test Leadership. She held various test management roles for 14+ years, served as the Executive At Large on Association for Software Testing’s Board of Directors (2016-2017) as the President of AST Quality Leader SIG (2012-2014), and as the Software Test Professionals Community Advisory Board Member (2014-2015). Anna is the co-founder of NYC Testers and the founder of TMA's Leadership Series meetup.

Dharminder Dewan
Agile QA Manager

Dharminder Dewan is an Agile QA Manager at Infostretch. Dharminder carries more than 20 years of IT experience in architecture and design in QA, QE and Automation areas coupled with product and project management experience for various companies. While working at different technical management positions with companies like TCS, Fujitsu, Opentext, Dharminder has lead and guided the transition from waterfall to agile methodologies ensuring faster time to deliver and deploy in various fast-moving environments. He has extensive experience in DevOps and shifting quality left in waterfall models leading to a hybrid and a fully agile model.

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