Testing Strategy for Healthcare Software
Learn how healthcare companies can accelerate their testing cycle

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Thursday 27 April 2017 - 10am to 11am PT

This is the generation of techno-savvy patients, who are not only looking for excellent medical care, but also want to access their health information anywhere, anytime. These days, patients want to get connected with their health care providers and to share their personal health information immediately. They are constantly looking to access their medical data at their fingertips; and thanks to digital transformation and the smart device evolution, this is the era where we are able to fulfill this demand. This digitization of humans has triggered the digital transformation of Health Care.

But with all this digital transformation, there comes the need to regulate these digital health elements. Patients’ private and personal information is being transmitted over the internet, stored in smart devices, and in some cases, even stored in medical devices. For this, there are regulatory bodies and healthcare agencies that regulate compliance and provide support for this digital healthcare transformation.

Based on Infostretch’s experience and expertise in testing and the healthcare domain, we have developed testing strategy for the verification and validation of Healthcare software. This testing approach combines manual testing and test automation, to provide faster go-to-market and cost-efficient testing solutions.

Join this webinar to understand how the Infostretch team can help healthcare companies accelerate their testing cycle on software testing, and as a result, realize the true ROI of testing healthcare software.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Overview on regulatory bodies and healthcare compliances
    // FDA Compliance on V&V (Verification and Validation) of Medical Device Software
    // HIPAA and HITECH Act
  • Agile In-sprint Testing for Healthcare Software
  • Infostretch Success Stories in Healthcare

Your presenter for this Live Webinar is:

Disha Thakkar
Senior Business Analyst
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