Winning at Digital: Turning Insights into Competitive Intelligence
Thursday 25th January  - 10am PT / 1pm ET

Call it evolution or call it a revolution, digital transformation is the business mega-trend enterprises can’t afford to ignore.

Last year saw big, bold digital transformations, strategic alliances and… flops. AI is no longer a fad and bots are now a norm, but deciphering between what is mission critical and what is a competitive differentiator is where even the best and brightest get mixed up.  Luckily, we have gone through the growing pains and know firsthand that how much progress enterprises can make on the road to digital maturity depends on being selective, serious, and innovative. 

Join this webinar by Andrew Morgan, Director of Product Marketing at Infostretch, to find out how the digital trends that emerged in 2017 will play an important role in shaping digital success in 2018. Infostretch experts will drill down on key aspects of digital transformation:

  • Why data-driven insights matter
  • How initiatives determine tools
  • Accelerating digital maturity by automating quality
  • Putting blockchain to work for enterprises

Your speaker for this webinar is:

Andrew Morgan
Director of Product Marketing

Andrew Morgan is the Director of Product Marketing at Infostretch. He is an experienced leader in strategic analysis, opportunity assessment, and roadmap execution. With his guidance and expertise, he has helped companies expand their digital initiatives to unprecedented levels.

Andrew has over 10 years of experience in working with a wide range of companies, including global automotive, pharmaceutical and technology manufacturers. Additionally, he has directed the development of market firsts such as Life Sciences applications, customer engagement programs and predictive analytics platforms.

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